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Bring out your video editing prowess with YouTube Create APK! Edit like an expert using filters, effects and music – don’t miss early access information or FAQs here.

Hello video creators are you looking for free and powerful video editor Google has launched beta version of YT Create video editor app. YouTube has revolutionized video consumption and production. Recently, they raised their game with the YouTube Create APK: an indispensable video editing instrument with various functionalities only previously found in niche applications. We will explore its essence as well as ways to gain an initial grasp of this exhilarating contrivance in this comprehensive manual. In this post we will discuss about how to download and install YT Create App.

What is YouTube Create APK?

YouTube Create APK is a game-changing video editing application created to empower creators of all levels to easily produce professional-grade videos without the complexity or cost associated with premium editing software. Like having a magic wand for your videos, this revolutionary program lets you add special effects, enhance visuals and sound, and craft content that stands out from the pack.

Features of YouTube Create APK

Easy Video Editing Tools

  • Easily combine videos, photos, and audio in one place.
  • Trim, clip, and crop video clips with precision.
  • Choose from 40+ transitions to seamlessly blend your clips together.
  • Speed up or slow down your video for dramatic effects.

Next-Level Video Editing Features

  • Automatically add captions or subtitles to your videos with a single tap (available in select languages).
  • Easily remove distracting background noise with the audio clean-up tool.
  • Remove your video’s background with the cut-out effect for a professional touch.

Music & Audio

  • Access a vast library of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects.
  • Find the beat of your soundtrack and effortlesly sync your video clips to the music with beat matching.
  • Narrate your videos by recording a voiceover directly in the app.

Filters & Effects

  • Enhance color by adjusting saturation, brightness, and more.
  • Set the mood with customizable filters.
  • Choose from a variety of effects to make your videos pop and capture your audience’s attention.

Stickers & Fonts

  • Add your creative touch with hundreds of fonts and animated text effects.
  • Express yourself with a library of stickers, GIFs, and emojis to match your style and message.

Made to Share

  • Resize your videos to different aspect ratios, including portrait, landscape, and square, for sharing across various platforms.
  • Easily upload your video directly to your YouTube chnnel and share your creation with your audience.

How to Get Early Access

Excited to get your hands on YouTube Create APK before everyone else? Here’s how:

Keep an Eye on Google Play Store

  1. YouTube Create APK is currently in Beta testing. Stay tuned to the Google Play Store for its official debut.

Exclusive Early Access

  1. If you’re among the lucky selected few, you’ll see an app titled “YouTube Create – Early Access” by Google LLC.
  2. Click the “Install” button to download and install the app on your device.

Remember, early access is a limited opportunity, so keep an eye out for your chance to unlock the YouTube Create APK experience before everyone else.

Install YouTube Create App

NameYT Create
CategoryVideo Editor
AuthorYoutube LLC
File Size50 MB
Date Published2023-09-23
Software VersionBeta
Operating SystemAndroid
Minimum OS RequirementsAndroid 8 or Above


By harnessing YouTube Create App, you are the undisputed master of video editing. This comprehensive manual introduces you to its captivating world, its exceptional attributes, and how to gain early access. Prepare to elevate your video content creation skills to unmatched heights allowing your creative genius to shine like never before – goodbye labyrinthine editing instruments; welcome YouTube Creative APK as the forefront of video content production allowing you to surprise your audiences while unleashing all of your artistic potential!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about YouTube Create APK

What is YouTube Create APK?

YouTube Create APK is an official video editing app from YouTube designed to aid creators in editing videos quickly and efficiently. Among the many features it includes, this one makes video editing simpler with features like filters, effects, royalty-free music tracks, voiceovers and auto-captions – making video editing simple!

How can I download YouTube Create APK?

YouTube Create APK is currently in beta testing. To gain early access, keep an eye out on Google Play Store for its official launch date; if selected for early access, an app titled “YouTube Create – Early Access” by Google LLC will appear and can be installed directly from there.

Is YouTube Create APK free to use?

Yes, YouTube Create APK is completely free for anyone to use and provides access to powerful video editing features at no additional cost – an ideal option for both newcomers and experienced content creators alike.

What video editing tools does YouTube Create APK provide?

YouTube Create APK offers an impressive set of video editing tools, including the ability to combine videos, photos and audio; trim, clip, crop video clips; add transitions; and alter video speed.

Can YouTube Create APK allow me to add subtitles and captions to my videos?

YouTube Create APK makes it possible to quickly add subtitles or captions to videos with just a tap, though this feature is currently only available in certain languages.

Does YouTube Create APK provide royalty-free music and sound effects?

Yes, YouTube Create APK offers thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects that will enhance your videos and make them more captivating.

Can YouTube Create APK help me change video color and add filters?

Absolutely! YouTube Create APK provides you with everything you need to customize video color by adjusting saturation, brightness, and more. Plus, select from customizable filters for adding atmosphere and setting the right atmosphere!

Does YouTube Create APK offer voiceover features?

Yes, you can narrate videos by recording voiceover directly within the app. This feature allows for adding additional comment or explanation to your content.

What aspect ratios can I resize my videos for sharing on various platforms?

YouTube Create APK allows you to resize your videos to different aspect ratios, including portrait, landscape and square modes. This flexibility ensures your content looks fantastic on various formats and platforms.

How can I upload videos created using YouTube Create APK to my YouTube channel?

Uploading videos directly to YouTube channels has never been simpler with YouTube Create APK! Simply direct all your creations straight to your channel for sharing and showing off to viewers around the world.

Does YouTube Create APK support iOS devices?

As of now, YouTube Create APK is available exclusively on Android devices through Google Play Store; details regarding availability on iOS devices have yet to be provided in our current information.

Can I use YouTube Create APK offline?

YouTube Create APK is primarily an online video editing app. While some features may work offline, for full functionality it requires internet connectivity.

These FAQs should provide essential information about YouTube Create APK, its features, and how to access them. As new updates come out for this app, keep an eye out for any changes or additions!

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